Em-Server1CPU 4×2.53GHz 8GB 2x1TBUnmetered4$110.00/moORDER NOW
Em-Server2CPU 4×2.53GHz16GB 2x1TB Unmetered4$129.00/moORDER NOW
Em-Server3CPU 8×3.40GHz16GB 2x1TB Unmetered4$159.00/moORDER NOW
Em-Server4CPU 16×2.26GHz32GB2x1TBUnmetered4$169.00/moORDER NOW

E-mail Servers

PN Server specially designed Email Marketing Server for email marketer. All of our IPs will be cleaned and non-blacklisted when deliver. If you see any blacklisted IP on delivery we will replace them. Very suitable for email marketing and email campaign. our support department open 24/7/365 days for you.

Support 24/7

We are always here to help you and solve your network and other issues. Our Expert technicians can quickly response and solve complex technical problems on Windows and Linux operating system. no extra fee for technical support.

Server Deployments

After Payment verification by our billing department  your dedicated server will delivered within 24-48 hours. Most of the time servers are delivered in 24 hours or less depend on server configurations and service type ( managed or unmanaged ).

Uptime Guarantee

All of our dedicated server has 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee each and every month. their is no compromise with server uptime. all of server connected by high speed fiber optic cable which provided 0% data loss guarantee

Email Limitation

This server only designed for email marketing and campaign. so we do not apply any limitation how much email you send per day or per month.

IP Address

Because of the dedicated server is designed for email marketing, as a result all of our IPs will be cleaned and non-blacklisted when deliver.